Friday, May 20, 2011


love at first bite. in fact, i find cakes at Sevva's Ms. B too sweet, but then the cakes at the new Ms. B's Cakery are not, they are pretty, yummy and small. Love our outdoor picnic with Ms. B's sunshine, madame butterfly and little gem with pink sparkles. Love the serenity x convenience x petiteness of that corner of Hong Kong, when Toast moved away from there, I considered buying that flat :P I am still considering.
Lunch(ed) at the new Bo-lo'gne in TST, the view was so perfect, really wanna revisit, on a quiet day. Somehow I v.look forward to finishing work for the week. A bit tired. And, I officially declare that Hong Kong's weather is absolutely unbearable, and I will start jogging again. wanna try crepe suzette cake and the purple paradise, and of course, butterfly kisses, which we surely will. i m very curious about the whole making process, can they organize demonstration?

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