Thursday, May 9, 2019


 There’s a page in the little book we’re making, that's about animal rescue, probably because one of the book i am exhibiting is on this topic. i wrote the text of that section this morning, and sent it over saying “Help! it's too long, please help me edit” And she quickly replied that “the animal rescue work you do is very important, i cannot edit it any shorter”

 The little book is bilingual, on dear tree, animal rescue, our past ten years in the village, the museum and art. . One summer, when I just finished illustrating "The Little Tiger-cat Stylist Workshop" and finalising the bereavement picturebook that features a tiger as main character, I received a call asking if I could foster two kittens.

 I didn't know what it's about, but they badly needed help, typhoon was approaching, and if nobody took care of them, theyd die for sure, as they are already very weak, and drenched in rainwater. That call changed my life. I have always loved animals, encountering my beautiful little kitten - my own little tiger - opened me to a new page of animal rescuing. Since then, I started volunteering for a local animal shelter, , it is a 100% volunteer charity, no single person is paid. We run many programs, and has two centres that are opened 365 days. In our modern world, many animals are still caught and killed every day, our cities are no longer safe for them to live. And with so much intelligence, we only managed to decide to kill them. WORST still, many people still purchase animals from pet shop, they came from cruel illegal breeders, later on I adopted my dog Rosie, who spent her WHOLE life in a small filthy cage, forced to make babies, her babies were taken away to be sold at shops, leaving her with a weak, broken body, these are not single cases, we see them almost every single month, dogs come to us with broken legs, covered in fleas and skin problems, injected with hormones so they'd keep having more babies. These are the mothers and fathers of the cute animals you see in the shop. Even though they are older, but when you look at their eyes, you know their lives are worth saving.

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