Tuesday, May 21, 2019


You know how i used to work in Hong Kong's one and only architectural conservation specialist office (i wanted to write clinic, because our job was a lot like being an old-building-doctor)
I was like an assistant to a few very serious and inspiring ladies, a conservation architect, a historian and the architectural historian. I loved my job a lot, spent four years there, learnt so much those days, participated in many big and small restoration projects. They were real serious people, takes every single millimetre of tiles, and every single traces of word carefully. 我哋爬過好多屋頂、在悶熱的舊樓中一邊做紀錄一邊與昆蟲為伍、跟彷彿被世界遺忘的屋主在炎夏中做口述歷史、走在樹林荒廢的道路、走進滿是蝙蝠老鼠的洞穴,在別人三十年代老房子中吃午餐,一面畫低每塊䃈磚。
Those skills and resources has been so useful for me when illustrating maps since then, in fact, I think I started illustrating HK maps at that time, because I wanted to piece the history back together. It's possible to find out how a whole vanished street used to look like through old pictures, aerial photos, old letters, Public Record office's documents, gai fong's words, and books etc. Among those things, my favourite was (all) 19th century travel books :P Trying to re-organise the thousand of pictures/maps/aerial photos I collected of my own dear district for little miss S, is, like a black hole for me haha, indulgent like ice-cream. Wish we could lay them out in an interesting way, and show everyone, one day. Project 193840...... it's so beautiful and local history worth knowing. 如果今早我是約了 @panda_heidi 一起去PRO 一定開心到飛起。 This is love.
 1924 年的telegraphy bay, 即係我屋企啦,同埋我望到對面沙宣道呢個山 我搵到幾張相係不同角度影呢度,有張我未見過 我感覺今次「出海收獲大滿了」
1948 一直都有條盟渠呀。

無論找什麼區,heidi大概都會話:「哦 你搵呢度」她都會找到好多好多東西給我。
我木棉樹個編輯都係仙氣的 好多好多訪問都咁形容佢,有次我閒談中發現佢好憎,唔係(淨係)靚女 or not 佢話報紙寫嗰個根本唔係我,我都唔係咁,點解啲人會寫到我咁,佢話因此佢無share 好多訪問,我話你係咁喎.....

上次蘋果個記者同編輯做專訪前都同我傾咗一陣,佢話雅文想「落地」一點 肯定雅文prep talk 咗佢.... 我諗佢嘅仙氣只不過係來自 - 佢做緊一樣普通香港人根本無諗過會做到嘅嘢- 二十年。
從樓梯底個office 開始,但佢自己「唔覺得係乜..... 」 ..... that's what her 仙氣 is all about.

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