Saturday, July 4, 2020


You know I don’t have work pressure from drawing right, but sometimes I want to cry when there are too many dogs asking for help. 
Sometimes our centre is in full capacity or has issues where we cannot take in more, so we need to find foster homes (temporary homes) for the doggies, which means I will need to call many many people on the list, and it could be so exhausting : ‘( 

Today, we took in 5 breeder throw-out dogs that were in miserable conditions. 
- Left outdoor all their lives in cage
- full of skin problems, malnourished, and stinking so badly
Words cannot express just how thankful I am towards the people who stepped up and help, 35 kg doggies caged all their lives stinking so bad require carrying in their laps for 1 km, (yes indeed many don’t know how to walk on leash!)
Poor Sterac who really expressed all his reluctance but went to vet and took two broken 9 years old breeder poodles. 

But still there is many many more in queue asking us to take in 
-  2 disabled dogs abandoned AGAIN because of human pregnancy
- two poodles puppies, one fatal distemper survivor but has permanent damage
- one purchased by a family but surrendered at two months old, for kids but regretted 
- 4 pups (and endless more) 

But you know what, ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS WHY DO PEOPLE STILL PURCHASE, and Why do you not stop people around you purchase!! There is really no excuse when we put to sleep 10,000+ animals in this city annually. 

On a happier note, Yan took the adult black dog big thanks to her - which is a suepr super happy dog, even though caged in toilet by a drug addict all his life. 

Today we have 5 poodles right, all 9 years old, and another 2, 11 years old needing transfer foster; NOBODY said yes to fostering!!!!!
Then the two months old poodle appeared, all those people who gave me whatever excuses all rushing to say yes. Called  me at 10 pm…. 
I understand, young dog is great, I really do, but I think sometimes it still disappoints me, makes me really disappointed in humanity :’( Nothing too bad, onlyl 呻吓 

But on a positive note, there were all the wonderful people around me, also helped took care of a beautiful kitten our rescuer spent NIGHTS, and so much effort to rescue them from misery, he still came to me covered in fleas…… 

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