Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Midnight in the city of Victoria
"Rounding the corner towards Hongkong will be seen some of the forts which have been planned on a scale of thoroughness little dreamed of to protect Hongkong in time of need. These are appropriately known as the Belcher forts. Green Island is picture worthy of any film. Here there is a lighthouse directing the course for incoming steamers and on top of its sugar-loaf fern-covered heights is a signalling station.The only inhabitant is the light-keeper and he is "King" of a territory the whole of which can be viewed from its summit. In front of the nearly violin shaped opal green sheet of water known as Pokfulam reservoir...“ (Information for travellers landing at Hong Kong, c.1921)
During first wave, we missed the pool. (But we found the sea)During third wave, sea swimming became illegal. (But we found the ceramics pipe)I was forced to exercise in my beautiful neighbourhood.It is a place of fascinating history, some houses here stood through the wars, they all have names - the ellenbud, alberose, or the bethanie chapel, the Stone Manor. Of course the old village of pokfulam, and the oldest reservoir of Hong Kong too.I spent a lot of time looking into the history of one of the houses in the past, when I was still working in architectural conservation.The house owners, used to be the manager of a silverware trading shop in Central.
they had 4 kids.There were more than one diaries that mentioned them, Maman Rosie in particular, and how they took in people at the house during second world war, also memories of the Japanese tying them up, then searched the house.
.I was only drawing the ceramics pipes for @hongkongdragonkiln yesterday, and I saw one this morning! I screamed.

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