Tuesday, August 18, 2020


Junior Patient Diary
Just left QM, the nurse is cute like a white haired doll, (not young but still can b cute)
so, you probably heard this many times, but even though i tried hard to be a good patient, but things (on blood test) just aren’t good enough. 
(Fact 1: Stress is REALLY bad for you) 
(Fact 2: Quantitatively we are not at a position we can just ignore, we need to address the problem) 

Sadly, I also can’t think of the reason why it's not good enough too, as compared to more stressful time in life, it shd have been much better now. 

But it’s ALWAYS like i presented them a challenge. (Not 一次半次,係次次)

Actually i feel bad for them too, no matter at private doc or public hospital i can feel that they really used their heart to think, read and ask, but there’s some missing puzzle, and i’m already using the best med tech support possible. 
I try (my best within my ability) to eat and exercise well, and not be too stressed, Obviously far from perfect, but perfection is not always a good thing too. 

Of course i can lose more weight, damn the body evaluation they said I'm overweight as an asian ._.  (a little, numerically) (me: but actually i am a fat pig -_-")
You know my friends are never ever convinced about this when I tell them!! 
Covid19 times just reli made exercise harder, suddenly went from swimming everyday to no swim 😭😭😭
💉💉💉makes you fatter,  but nurse today said medicine is more important than losing weight!!!
Sometimes i feel bad for them, cuz when they see other patients they might feel a little frustrated as many patients, never took the "normal advice" to stay healthy, but at least they can provide them a clear way forward on how to improve their health. 

But looking at me they might just feel “i wasn’t able to help her” ._.
Setting a shorter time frame is a good idea. 

At public hospital, you see a new doctor/nurse every single time, I mentioned briefly about.. what happened in the past, I can't believe I almost cried when trying to casually mention it, I didn't cry of course, but it was true difficult. And she suggested me to volunteer and help other patients! (it's always been one of my dreams!! But I was too scared to ask her to introduce me to) 

Note: I am not asking for advice, this is my junior patient diary, but if you want to help, you can exercise with me haha. 

On a more positive note, I was so happy chatting with Kar po this morning, the whole plans on our next collaboration were so exciting, as usual, collaborating with them last time was already so great, dream like! And the next part also feel extremely exciting, dropped by to LAP centre this morning too. 
Also got an invitation to draw another community map, drawing just makes me sooooo happy. 
另外,我之前咪給藝想嘅師傳仔寫咗信嘅,今日收到回覆呀,你唔好以為給他們寫信嘅programe 就係話寫就寫咁簡單,佢哋話「萬事起頭難🤪🤪同事要拍晒片教佢地影佢哋封信。但係佢一路都影唔到相嚟⋯ 又教佢哋點樣用WhatsApp傳文件。」她說超級佩服佢哋同事嘅耐性。

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