Sunday, August 23, 2020



I don't know why I feel so touched about her case, I nearly cried. 

This little girl was a secret rescue, so I am breaking big rule to post a snippet on my own instagram. When she was first rescued, both her back legs were so deformed, blood profile had multiple red flags, anaemic, she had no hair over her bones, it's likely she had a bone fracture before, I read on the vet notes, and, she had no good teeth to eat. 

Still, her foster family brought her home, one day, he told me she has fell in love with her and want to bring her along to Germany, but in two weeks time! 

I told her it's not optimistic but we can try our best to help, Ann helped to ask AFCD internally to speed up license changing, I endured a few stressful lashed out from her hahaa, she was the one who screamed at me asking why we sent her to middle-of-no-where ridiculous place To Kwa Wan to pick up license; the experience at vet was miserable, the vet said there's no way she can go through health check for flying. I was not optimistic i helped her look for back up foster already. 

Never thought she was so determined, and then after many back and forth calls, she sent a picture in-cabin flying together with them. Like experienced sa jei jei, I knew things aren't all clear yet until they actually arrive at home, but they did >.< 

And doggie is now running freely in their garden in Germany. 

She sent me a very very sweet message, "You are amazing and perfect in all the information, without you I could not have done it seriously. Your knowledge to the process helped alot, cause I had difficulty understanding the process from different pet relocation companies and finally I just decided to do myself. You are the best dog volunteer in hk over my 20 over years here never met you hope we can one day 😊 You are truly a dog lover 🐕❤️❤️❤️. Thanks so much again Connie take care 🙏🙏" 

Actually, she was the one who did all the hard work. My work is also just so minimal, as compared to many many volunteers who pick a lot more poop than me, spend elaborate hours talking with rescuers and adopters, debunking myth, or getting their hands full of mud and blood from taking in abused, neglected, animals. 

Maybe sometimes I cry because I feel like the animals really deserve all the love, but so many human beings still don't get it, and still live in a very human-centric way. And dogs and cats that come in this state is not just one in a million, just while I was writing this, we had an even worst case that had to go to vet this morning, and many that for different reason we couldn't post openly.

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