Saturday, August 8, 2020


*Swim means Heart bursting with joy*
Fun facts I learnt from today, very useful for 走難, as world might collapse anytime. 

1 - Dog paddle - It was the first swimming stroke used by ancient humans, believed to have been learned by observing animals swim.Prehistoric cave paintings in Egypt show figures doing what appears to be the dog paddle
2 - The dog paddle has also been taught as a military swimming stroke when a silent stroke is needed - since neither arms or legs break the surface - ok i need it when 走難
3 - A old couple on a homemade boat suddenly appeared next to us, their boat were "made" by two standup paddle boards really - useful for 走難

Forced abstinence from swim for a week now. The last swim was at Turtle Cove Bay, the first day the beaches had to close, where stairs were all tightly wrapped by plastic tapes, and police patrols the sand to prevent people from gathering on the beach. (But people are allowed to gather at the restaurants drinking without masks along the beachside...) 
ANYWAY, we had to run our way into the water, or along the outside of the shark net, if you really want to swim, that's the only way, and seems like there are a decent number of people that are seriously looking to just have a serious swim. 

Beaches are still tightly wrapped, and completely deserted. We decided to go for the non-gazetted/non-government governed beaches. It was so refreshing, the water was clear all along the south side today. 

+ water clear
+ secluded like a private beach, just waiting for someone to open an illegal bar 
+ extremely happy doggie hopping into the water, joining us to swim, more like we joined him. 
+ swim club Porsche 
I didn't know (or maybe I knew) swimming can make me so happy, i wonder why that is. 

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