Sunday, January 24, 2010

A content spirit

Again, green tea over Chinese education and politics, cities, Naoshima Zen, nutrition, yoga, French movies, literature.......

This looks like something that would appear in a British girls school's brochure, one that a lot of Chinese secondary school girls flips with admiration and hope. Typically in those pictures, girls sit casually on the carpet of the common room, but wears relatively elegant clothes, or their very English uniforms.
Anyways, last night was amazing, went there at 6 pm, and chatted till well after midnight.

In the age of cities and cybercities, not only connecting within ourselves, or the nature has became rarer, but also a real connection between people, something I am learning more and more to cherish everyday.
I'm a person with so many imperfections, but countless wonderful tiny things in life blessed me with a very full and content mind and spirit. : )

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