Sunday, January 24, 2010

買魚 Best fishes in Edinburgh

Eddie's Seafood Market 強記 - An amazing miniature market, hidden in Marchmont, operated by a Hong Kong family from Aberdeen (the one in HK), since 1986, and with long queues outside their shop everyday!

This is my parents' favourite shop in Edinburgh :P
Maoshan - ms. nutritionist says you should at least eat fishes twice a week ;)

They have an overwhelming variety of seafood - mussels, exotic live big lobsters in the tank, crab, cod, salmon, scallops, haddocks, tuna, swordfishes, yellow trevally... all looking very very fresh and cut to size. Some people complain about the staff's influent English, but no worries for us, and in the end they are just really friendly and wonderful and typical HK people lol.

I especially love their adorable website. One page has a picture that says "What a variety.. can you name them? Come and visit... Bring the kids!" Don't you think it's sweet? One more word on their website, it has no opening hours and map... but it's so sweet and adorable, their not-the-best English + cute captions + pictures and even a page on their employees, totally show their genuineness!

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Unknown said...

i remember going to Eddie's Seafood Market :)
before my sis stayed at your place, she stayed with this other scottish family. they bought fish from there and afterwards my sis took us there too. lip-smackingly yummm...