Saturday, January 30, 2010

Punctuated. breathe.

Had another extremely wonderful afternoon in Peter's Yard, it's becoming addictive, and I badly need to sleep early. As I really wanna have early breakfast there before the sky brightens, they open at 7 am. I love the people there too, they genuinely wanna be friends with you, not just some marketing tactics. We went to Starbucks first, then got so suffocated and moved to Peter's Yard, loved the airiness and serenity there, a very carefully curated interior marked with sophisticated sense of materiality. 

Anyways, I really wanted to sleep really early tonight, but it's midnight already, it's precisely when I push myself to sleep, I counter-convince myself with concrete work to prove that I am still up for a reason! I don't understand this!
So probably this is one of the evenings that I have done the largest amount of work: which is - wrote three formal emails - to further facilitate my formal endeavors in the coming months.

Anyways, badly need a to-do list, even though since LPC, I know so well that to-do list is purely a list, like Angel (Cheung) and I both concluded, the process of listing is sort of comforting, it's a obsessive compulsive act.... But we never look back onto that particular list as we move on...

1. Sleep
2. Have Breakfast
3. Read my very interesting book for my very interesting essay
4. Draw a postcard and write the Japanese words on it, and mail it
5. Meet Stuart
6. Write traveloguesssssss for magazine! 
7. Illustrate my stories
8. Plan my graduation trip
9. Do design project? 
10. Finish my meaningless application
11. I still haven't decided whether to keep my dress, help...
12. Find out the address

the list goes on, dun underestimate those trivial items

Tomorrow will be a long day..... 
I guess I need yoga to calm myself down, focus just on breathing, and fall asleep now. 

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