Friday, January 29, 2010

Dance like nobody's watching!

Tell me, who would not love contemporary dance?

Contemporary dance classes at dance base has started three weeks already, but this was the FIRST time I went, there must be sth wrong with me! Remember in the past, I always struggled whether to go or not, as it's on THURSDAY night (night before tutorial/crit) at 20:30, way too late in my standard. But what always motivated me to go - was the memory of the amazing feeling after each class! 

Dance to me is like painting to (unnamed person who is still sleeping, therefore still need to ask for approval)

"I wanna paint. But without you, my motivation is not high enough, (...) it never occurs to me that I will be interested in painting. I think it is even better than writing. Usually, when I write, I am in really bad mood or confusion, as I write, I pour out all my thoughts in head. Sometimes it is painstaking. You have to confornt all the evils in your heart and you feel drained. I think painting, like what Blink said, is happened behind the locked door. You just let mind lead you. You are so focus/blank out on each move. No constraint. No need to worry about the handwriting, grammar, try to descibe something you simply dun understanding to reach a comfortable conclusion to console yourself." 

I guess that's how dancing is to me, so free, so emotional, full of expressions free of grammar. I love painting too, unluckily I must say, it probably does have some grammar to me, can't reach that state of totally carefreeness. 

I was thinking to myself, I wish I could come dance every night! Yes, even though I love yoga to the bits too, but don't be mistaken, I don't love everything! There are other kinda dances I have tried before that I very dislike, but thanks to Niki who recommended Contemporary dance to me! She said it'd suit me, and I totally see why. 

Contemporary dance is sometimes ground hugging, and high-reaching, personally I find it resemble yoga moves. But best of all, it's full of freedom to express. It's exciting. Often half way through the class, we line up in one corner, and walk diagonally towards the other corner, then start adding movesss, then forming a dance, in pairs. two by two, together with LIVE music. So cool ! like a catwalk! 

The whole room is like a nursery classroom :P fill with laughter, mistakes, tripping over, jumping, music, simple simple joys.................. instantly back to childhood

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