Monday, January 25, 2010

Food for this week

One piece of news that got on Yahoo!US this week was about a mom who managed to half her family's annual grocery bill by planning dinner ahead for a YEAR!
I don't think I could do that, but I very much want to plan ahead for a whole week as well, instead of wandering endlessly in supermarkets, kept getting distracted, and bought things home but couldn't finish eating them! Also last week, wasn't the best, in terms of my healthy life plan, have space to improve, so today, I did food shopping for the whole week. I never knew that could happen to me, cuz I always wanted to just follow my heart, eat what I wanna eat that day, which is pretty wrong. End up spending more, and eating something not as good. Now though, I realize it's possible for me to follow plans : )
Still need to get 小白菜,帆立貝和魚。明天早上去買魚。明天下午去Glasgow. 冬天,煲湯好呢。
(the food in the pic is mainly mine, not that much really, even though it seems a lot hahaha, but I often cook for Phoebe as well : )
Lots of delicious healthy meals : )

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