Sunday, July 25, 2010

Meditational Space

The architecture that calm one's heart, thought of kitty's dissertation, and experienced at Himeji today. Was thinking that I won:t have the motivation to see all the Ando's work if yu tsz wa is not coming wor, but then I still went to Himeji today - and loved it.... a lot.... I guess it:s about the whole experience, all the special viewpoints, the serenity, the light, the inter-play between outdoor and indoor, the conversation with the friendly people - and I wrote in my moleskine - wouldn't it be great if there's such a place in Hong Kong? Beautiful architecture - not one that's just a visiting point, but a space that you would alwasy want to use and revisit! Wanting to sketch it - but realize that it's at once so simple yet complex to sketch.........
Just thought - the space could be in no way designed and experienced two-dimensionally. It has to be designed in model - and experienced in reality....
there are two blocks, and a Japanese house/garden in between.... it's such a mystery how the traditional architecture and the modern one live in such harmony
I always feel weird when I talk about architecture - doesn:t seems like it's the ME i know.... lol
Why, doshite... archtiecture, fascinates me - too?

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wydes said...

ya, doshite?!!! =]=]