Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A day of sunshine and flowers

wow, today is overwhelming, i don't know where to start. But I could proudly say that our previous hard-work has came to a first stage of success! So I could go to Japan without BIG worries, or a feeling of back to zero-directionless-state! I must say that I feel very very thankful, and fortunate, that we are given such a precious chance to handle this business, and do hope that everything goes well, of course I will work hard too! I am not normally a person who talks about 緣份but this time it's all really the right timing, the right people, the right aim, the right Japanese connections, and it's a thing that I DREAM to do, but have never thought I could be able to achieve in at least a decade. 

I was really more thinking that even though it's so great, we are most likely to have to give up this opportunity. But as many times in life, miracles happen, and they do not just happen in a coincidence! So I believe that we must be confident in ourselves too! Then we all had a nice afternoon tea at Clipper Lounge at Mandarin Oriental.

Apart from that, delivered my first lamp to my first customer, Wai sum! I have five customers so far. From the past few days, I realize really, that I don't earn a lot from selling the lamps anyway, but having friends that are interested already means a lot. Big thanks! there are two shops that would like to sell too! But of course there are other considerations too... Wrapped the lamp with white flower today, special thanks to Joey at agnes b. who's also a handcraft lover. : ) Shall we still go for my agnes b fleuriste next time or try something new?

in short, those who want to know more, I will update you personally. and keeping the tradition of silent revolution, i hope that I could be given the chance and time to continue to work hard and keep up these dreams, you will know more when it matures. 
Will be leaving for Japan tomorrow, not looking forward, but things always turn out good when I get there, like every other trips. I will miss Hong Kong SO MUCH, as usual :P

I feel so blessed. 

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Wai Sum said...

I am so happy for you! 今日最完滿ge終結!