Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Everyday life in HK

Have unexpectedly completed a lot tasks under low-consciousness in the past few days back in Hong Kong. Apart from long days of hanging out with friends, far beyond midnight, I've also managed to sent a lot of emails and sorted things that I would have to sort. Yet there's still so much ahead, especially some that I always wanted to do, hope all things go alright, and I could achieve what I want in ease but with determination/persistency. + continue to play everyday with friends till dawn....
[001 Kuma family: A sleepy day at work, at work eating, and at work making stamp, planning workshop, exhibition : ) ] 
[002 Everybody draws together at Starbugs]
I believe other photos shall remain confidential?
Still so much to do in hand, learning Japanese with a cute tutor recently.
But in fact, i still have a lot more emails to send, e.g. so much things to arrange, has life always been like this? And what happens before there's email?
Anyway, nice day voila, nice nice day. babe hedgy & blackie deserves a nice tea with mami sometimes. days are so nice during bring sun light and dark dark night, insane isn't it!

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Mark Tsun On Wong said...

your life is full of mysterious adventures. i love it. ps. love that post about walking in the purple field, turning around in the middle of the street! haha