Saturday, July 17, 2010


Haven't updated my blog for quite awhile, have been very busy since back in Hong Kong. Was browsing through little pictures of Kyoto just now, and researching for my very-Japanese itinerary for this summer, suddenly realize that probably I really have experienced a quite-authentic summer last year in Echigo-Tsumari, among the old houses and the heavy rain of Niigata. Beautiful memory. I still can't decide whether to go to the Nara area... but I guess the best thing is to just decide on spot...
Have been making big plans and meetings recently, even though they might might might not come to a desirable outcome, but the process was very precious as well. Hope it could come to a satisfactory result. Swimming, looking forward to my daily swim, but am very very sleepy now. Often thought of Joey Yung's "Yellow Door" really like its lyrics a lot - a beautiful world between fantasy & reality.

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