Friday, November 11, 2011


I feel too tired to walk home.
done tonnes of walking and meeting people today, been to Uni Library, AMES library, met sijia, betts, alyona and erica, separately. went on bookshop crawl, while carrying 6+ books + laptop. it's so great to sit down in solitude now.
the sky was beautiful today, the coffee I made was great. but now I just feel tired. And after my serious reading-indulgence, it's once again time to revise my previous writing, and email my supervisor.
I came to an answer to my previous struggle.
I like the sofa, lighting and the old books here, I wanna have a nice home. Yeah, just finished email to supervisor!
I cannot let myself to write anything that is second-rate in my heart, and cannot let myself to just say it without materializing it anymore! edited/21:14, i started off feeling extremely tired and annoyed 3 hours ago, now feeling calm and happy, a nice way to spend the evening, on my own, reading, and finishing at least some work.

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