Thursday, November 17, 2011


sunshine, crepe, eggnog, nothing beats that.
徐志摩曾說離美國後,仍一如草包,但住在劍橋時,每天忙著散步、划船、騎自轉車、抽煙、閒談、吃五點鐘茶、嚐油烤餅、看閒書,回國時發現自己原先只是一肚子顢頇。他在《吸煙與文化》 一文曾說:「我的眼是康橋教我睜的,我的求知欲是康橋給我撥動的,我的自我的意識是康橋給我胚胎的。」I wish I were in cam in 1922 for one reason - it must be less scary to cycle back then. need to bake a little sunshine crepe suzette cake as the day gets shorter. i seriously, desperately need to work now. i spent the evening - literally - listening to music... it could be so engaging even without words, without image

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