Friday, November 4, 2011


aw, what a nice night.
疲れたけど、本当に楽しかった。新しくて面白い友達があいました。seems like it's harder to meet new friends (not juz fb frds) as one gets older, so it's especially great when we do. had a very fun night at trinity college formal dinner, with gab, julian and scarlette. then we visited julian's room, which had to be accessed through a near complete dark wood, his room is obviously very nice with HUGE L-shaped windows facing some sort of creeks or lake, his collection of rolleiflex, films, and books is even more impressive. passion gleams as people talk about the things they love and care, Scarlette too loves movies films n take beautiful photos, she used to b an archi student like all of us, but quit in the middle, to study what she thought was right in Netherlands n germany :) and it seems that the more people know the humbler they are, regardless of age. have to meet my supervisor tomorrow. aw, this is a little magical place. i wish i know more.

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