Wednesday, November 30, 2011


hmm, my little world is so great these days. just got home from long chat on the freezing street with sijia, 5*C, face frozen, but nice nice. Replied two long due emails... Had a great class, on oh my love, picturebooks! 絵本. They are such amazing stuff. And class tea party, like the tiger who came for tea, with mince pie and gingerbread cookies our professor baked! nice coffee with gabs this 'morning,' the pic shows his moleskin & handwriting which I am desperate to steal lol. sent a lot of xmas cards. happy happy, can't wait to bring my beautiful picture storybooks from hk back. can't wait to know what I will be researching for my coming term, and my thesis. :P can't wait to beautiful tomorrow. :P so cold now.

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K. said...

such amazing handwriting! :D x