Monday, November 28, 2011


Joanna Wang's version of Vincent never fails to transport me emotionally and visually, the rawness of her voice, like the heavy stroke of paint of provence's landscape, dreamy.
Almost never cooked properly since I came here. So today, I shopped a whole bag of yellow and green lemony limey food, made buckwheat crepe, half with sweetcorn and tuna (without mayo) and another half with lemon, lime mousse, banana, and blueberry. first savory, then sweet. with iceberg lettuce. thankz betts mama for cinnamon, next time I can add cinnamon in the flour/egg mix : )
Met up with UWCers for brunch, and bumped into Alicia. Spent a nice quiet little afternoon at Jocalatte. saw some nice people in college. now, write xmas card & work!

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