Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Hmm, i often think it's interesting how much you could learn about a person just from sitting in the same cafe all the time, the cafe of turquoise wall and wooden table, exactly how i wanted. learnt that the south african person who makes coffee is a painter; and also met two really friendly people in the cafe this morning. For quite awhile, i was quite reluctant to chat with strangers, especially when travelling alone, I think now I have learnt a better equilibrium. Had a nice walk across the snowy courts of Trinity College, unbelievable suggestions from mr. octopus about rolling snowballs into the river to flood the punting travellers/or throwing snow balls into their punts...he should have done it lol lol. followed by some depressing time in UL, nice view through the bars, but too eerie as night falls. Luckily there's a nice italian dinner with two friends from the Japanese ministries to conclude the night. penniless me have new thoughts ....

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