Thursday, February 23, 2012


The conversation over dinner, on whether human beings are born evil or good, and how/when 'east asia's politics was fucked up,' did not reached any conclusion. but if human beings are born evil, perpetually insecure, and full of jealousy, history would pretty much be the same with or without colonialism. If that's the case, would it even be meaningful to teach children love/ forgiveness/ trust etc. Then, I felt I know precisely why Van Gogh committed suicide. (and seems to have written the exact same sentence in 2008 winter)
Had a reassuring class on the essay we are writing on : ) thankfully. now I just have to make sure I can write it up well, which is a real challenge. Then a seminar on Surrealism, Expressionism and Picturebook. It's often difficult to take off the pedagogical hat, and put on the literary analysis hat, to think of 'how' the picturebook achieved certain effect or allow certain unique modes of engagements instead of what the picturebooks are about.
I was in an impressionist painting last night in my dream, so tired that I couldn't even gathered myself to crawl home from st. johns. i miss soaking myself in the hk summer rain. as if letting nature paint on my body. for now, let me enjoy a moment with my dear animals that are sitting next to the soothing flowers. How do they think of my version of summer rain? cute video

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