Thursday, February 9, 2012


Side by side on the sand sat two eggs. With a crack and a rip, the brothers hatch, and out comes a bird and a ...crocodile! But they can't be brothers - can they?
so tired from a day of class... Alexis Deacon, a picturebook author/ illustrator (the field should really come up with a word that means both) came and gave us a seminar today, it was so good. Love hearing the stories through the creator's voices, and their own stories, it is so good! I wish my friends heard the talk too. He read his new book, which will come out in 22 days, I have always known what picturebooks I like from the shelves, but feel like my preferences has totally expanded after being in this course. Strongly recommended! A Place to Call Home, Beegu, Croc and Bird. Also received Sara Fanelli's Wolf in the mail. :) Love my room after the ceiling light's broken. It has the yellowy ambience of a traditional home.
I really like this picture, cuz i saw two strangers started chatting, in the snow. and further down on the river, next to them, are two snowmen, probably giving thanks to their short-lived but beautiful lives.

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