Sunday, February 12, 2012


went for a quiet afternoon walk in the small neighbourhoods after meeting friends, it was so quiet and beautiful just how i wanted. freezes and freshens my mind (at the same time). when i was younger, i would spend a lot of time chatting with friends who don't feel happy, this somehow has changed, as I realize most of the time others can't help at all, it's about whether you are determined to change, to make life better. worse though, is that many of them are just habitually indulging in their problems, constantly self-pitying...
received a postcard today, love all the inspirations, supports, love and knowledge i've got in my mailbox! slowly replying everybody. and heard good news from des, so happy to have friends that i feel very happy for! and want to share all the great things I know with them! though to some contentment seems nothing but unjustified and boring, but it's not a state that just happen and stays, it takes effort to nurture and sustain. nor would it stop you from becoming a better person, i guess one at least have to believe in themselves, and take their minds off constant worries in order to shine. i love spinach.

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