Friday, February 17, 2012


The sun shone through the dark blue clouds from a low angle, lighting up only the spires and stone houses but not the hills behind. Scotland is strangely a lot more beautiful, peaceful and familiar than I remembered. Especially the highlands, so calm, all the rivers and castles. Travelling, the airport, picking a book, falling asleep before the safety demonstration, the nice people who helped me through the journey...

apart from my magical community in niigata, here's another mysterious network, of old British families, half term holidays in the estates with hand-painted wallpaper and all those. We visited a family friend's home, also a Cambridge grad, from the same faculty, but some forty years ago. They are a musical family, in fact, they have their own organ at home...We have fresh flowers in the bedroom, and finished reading the book while having a bath, strange mix of fiction and reality, of the conversation about the family friend's son, and my host dad's brother, who both sort of got mental issues while in Cambridge, 'problems with being too smart' they say, exactly what happened to the character in the book I bought this morning committed suicide while he was in cambridge. it's difficult to describe how beautiful the Scottish estates are, imagine Mr Darcy's estate in Pride and Prejudice

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