Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Bleak House Books Albert 剛剛打開這個pandora box ,叫我recommend books for his Christmas list

我想加多句,為什麼常常說畫畫靚不是重點,因為就算俾你畫到好似相機咁,but if you have no stories to tell, your story will never touch anyone, and it will not touch yourself. 咁當然畫畫手到拿來或者會舒服一點,但事實上有時技巧也會是一個絆腳石。
所以, (also reminder for self) 畫開畫嘅 - draw more, 無畫開畫嘅 - just draw! 

Oh man, i just started listing, but the list will go on forever. 

寫在前面: 我咁樣list 啲書,可能犯學術界的禁,不過我唔係學術界的。(個禁就係:唔應該pre-define 本書,同埋別人的閱讀經驗)

1. 森林大熊 is very good  - on capitalism/bear has to go to work, as after hibernation he woke up to a factory, no more forest  (Swiss/german author not a new book)

2. Rosie's Walk - is a classic good book to explain what is a picturebook


3. 花園街10號 Au 10, rue des jardins - multicultural neighbourhood through recipes

4. 巴黎的獅子 - on City and migration

5.  挖土機年年作響:鄉村變了 Alle Jahre wieder saust der Preslufthammer nieder oder Die Veranderung der

6. 從山裹逃出來 - my very famous 日本大老師 - about recycling, environment etc. - just REALLY BEAUTIFUL AND free stroke

On life and death

7. 熊與山貓 

8. 當鴨子遇上死神 

9. 再見,愛瑪奶奶

10. 天國的爸爸


ALL OF SHAUN TAN'S - migration/otherness

11. The Arrival - SO GOOD, Shaun Tan!! on migration, just really you will love it 


12. Eric - shaun tan

On animals & animal rescue - 去年Omotesando 的tsutaya 做緊貓繪本feature, 當時我遇上了這本我都很喜歡,近年都有啲書係twitter /instagram went viral 然後來成書的

13. 名前ないのねこ

14. 獨眼貓 - very famous one la 

On peace and war

15. 文字工廠 La grande fabrique de mots

16. 和平是什麼

17. 當我吃拉麵的時候

On ability & disabliity 

18. 不可思議的朋友 - HK translated on autistic kids

19. 長谷川同學真討厭

Classics favourite

20. The Snowman 

21. 一百萬回生的貓

22 ALLLL of Mog series! Judith Kerr

23. last but not least, purely gag and funny -  11ぴきのねことあほうどり 11隻貓和阿呆鳥
24. ろうそくいっぽん - 是光與希望的感覺,不是特別出名,但喜歡。



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