Friday, October 2, 2020


Junior patient diary. 每一次流淚都是值得紀念的時刻

昨晚又發生sick moments!!! 

It feels horrible, 雖然唔係乜嘢大事,係病人嘅norm. 但我差不多要公開求安慰。 

I know I shouldn’t be angry or sad as I did nothing wrong. I wasn’t perfect as a patient, but this is all the most normal, It’s just part of being sick. But still, felt absolutely shit. 

Both physically cuz of super low n high but also emotionally. Emotionally, as if I could have done better somehow. 


我未睇, but it's so true, 不過就算我哋知道流眼淚是好的,but i feel like 我哋都會潛意識suppress 自己咁做。下次去睇吓先,virginia 話我可以帶多啲貨去,是我自己製做給自己的值口。



雖然我已經好勤力畫畫,但個 to-do list 長期都長到嚇死人。

但我是超鍾意的, just let me draw!!! 所以有時感覺畫畫不是我的「工作」

去游水跑步更像工作。雖然我成日講起病人的daily,因為是生活的一部份,但潛意識其實很不想講起,可能覺得會令人uncomfortable, 佢哋可能會因為唔知點樣回應, but this could be another silly misconception i have in my mind, and certainly something that shouldn't be the norm. 

There are so many beautiful things and people in my life, but still there are times I felt things are too much and impossible, both sides are equally strong. 

But at least today, I feel loved, and has so much to look forward to. Will start with swimming and drawing, it'd be EVEN BETTER IF IT WERE SWIM CLUB BEACH SWIM seriously!!! Yv and i said we need to train for winter swim XD 

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