Sunday, March 27, 2011


ふじようちえんは、私の大学建築プロジェクトみたいね :P もちろん私のよりふじようちえんのほうが上手よ。英語を話す先生もいます。「環境こそ最大の教師であり、子供たちに色々なものを与えてくれます。1年を通じ、藤幼稚園では、木と土と風を感じながら自然の中で遊べ季節の香りや感覚を味わうことができます。大切なことだと思います」と言った。とても面白いよ。
10月 運動会・おいもほり・やきいも会・稲狩り・記念撮影・避難訓練
11月 園外保育 (昭和記念公園) ・脱穀、精米、おにぎり会・大根の収穫・避難訓練
12月 クリスマス会・老人施設訪問・おもちつき・避難訓練・終業式

Winning multiple architectural design awards, Fuji’s school building’s most celebrated and captivating aspect – is its “doughnut ring”-rooftop that encloses an internal courtyard space. The rooftop is really an oval-shaped play deck that is used for free play and exploration, but can be adapted for more formal functions such as assemblies and other communal gatherings. The rooftop can accommodate 500 children.
Based on the school’s Montessori philosophy, the school is designed such that it gives the impression of a building with no walls. Classroom spaces, play areas, and support facilities merge into one. The design concept also results in the school building itself serving as a gigantic piece of play equipment. The brainchild of Tezuka Architects, the circular design was said to be inspired by the idea that ’Children love to run in circles’.
Japanese education is so interesting, oh, they even grow vegetables there. ah. My work sometimes require teaching in Hong Kong's kindergarten too, but they don't even have natural sunlight, not to mention a small piece of grass or outdoor playground....
Had a very interesting morning working with kids though, love the 9 am class, and love to laugh at the funniness of the 11 am class :P
Recently, it requires so much willpower to restrain myself from checking the news, and so much courage to read the news everyday.

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