Thursday, March 31, 2011


在圖書館/書店的時間永遠是過得最快的呢. 今天天氣很好,黃昏在中環大會堂外二樓的室外天台看書,在藍天白雲和微風中,就算什麼都不做都很舒服呢。起初在找些認真的書,之後就被有趣的書吸引了。最後看了好多本書,借了五本。幾得意㗎,例如Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited - China, Japan and US. 又或者關於台灣幼兒園的Story Group的書。不過很多很多認真的工作未做,要再努力點才行!
Just completed a stressful email. Completing such tasks significantly increases the productivity of the day. Why is it that some things always feels inadequate and unachievable, must try better! Now, I guess it's time to read the books I've borrowed. Hope that there'd be sufficient time during the trip, so we could do some cartography together - well said? lol
and then I suddenly understood a Japanese friend's email...


@kiE said...

i just read something related to tw preskl too, by vivian gussin paley

maomao said...

wow, vivian gussin paley is ging!