Sunday, October 5, 2008

Art and Bravery

Bringing SB Sprit to everyday life. Bravery and Support is what I need now! My IB art teacher also always encourage me to be "braver" in art. Oh, it's really difficult.... 
Haven't been talking about Architecture much since I am back. 
I am about to start the final piece of the current move (move 2) - a composite drawing - documenting a "fragment" of the building in a little artistic/abstract but accurate manner. My "fragment" is a pew inside the building, the background is ambiguous - as the site had been a citadel in the 1600s, then turned into a Train station, a pub and now a Youth Centre. So the area that I am working at could have been a waiting room of the train station, or the tables of the pub etc. 
Every groups in the class are documenting a different fragment of the building - cast iron column, corinthian column etc. all added on to the building from different period of time - and could be pivotal in our later design proposition, especially in our position towards the conservation of those fragments. 
Working on paper is so frightening, if I get the things wrong, then I need to redraft everything over again! Why is there no Alt+Z (UNDO) in real life! .....

Big P.S. the picture is such a WRONG representation of me, it's from relaxing Saturday - with Sex and the City and Starbucks! Today is FRESH Working Sunday, so just serious work

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