Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Lion and the Wardrobe

Lion and cat both felt bored, so they each left their home and went for a walk.
They walked across the wide forest, along the rushing river, and bumped into eachother under the big yellow tree

"What beautiful eyes you have, Miss cat!" the Lion Growled, Do you want to have some cheese cracker with me?"

The cat was taken aback and a bit frightened

"I would love to" she said "But.... I am worried that our encounter will turn into a love story..... Actually, We both have beautiful golden coat why dun we gang up and rock the forest"
But they didn;t knwo what it meant to gang up. so they continue to talk and walk, until they arrived a blue-white stripped wardrobe.
"This is my home" said the lion " it is a bit embarrasing as it is so small but ya, this is where i live"
"May I come"asked Miss cat
"Of course - is your home nearby"
"Oh Oh , my home is red and orange, filled with the scent of lili, in the shape of a mushroom down by the sea. But... it got blown away during the snowstorm.
Your home looks really nice, who was the architect" asked the cat

Lion looked guilty, "I ... I actually found the wardrobe from a nearby village, everyday I fear that they will come looking for the missing wardrobe...." 
Golden coat cat decided to help Lion, and Lion secretly decided to help golden fur cat, so they moved the wardrobe together, deep into the forest, under the big yellow tree. 
And there they became wonderful neighbours, grew mushroom, and had catwalks everyday. 

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Anonymous said...

hm.. the cat reminds me... what does 'gingerly' mean?

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