Friday, October 3, 2008


Feeling tired tonight, after brainstorming and drawing the A2 artistic drawing on a detail in the building! So boring, seriously. I should sleep soon! this is really discouraging!

Constructive relaxation. To follow what your heart wants instead of following instructions that you are unwilling to follow. When you are doing something that you are unwilling to do, your body is often *LOCKED UP* in a tense position, Just like the moment when you were suddenly startled, that moment of tense - when you constantly have million of task to do, and trying to do them, your body is tense, all your muscles your spine will be stressed. You will only be at ease when you follow your heart to do whatever you want - whether it's lying down, breathing... anything.. To be STILL, not at the tense startled state, but STILL while everything (in your body) is moving. Try it.

Apart from the workload, I think architecture course also includes too much competition and stress, it's all in that package. I dun see people doing other majors coping with so much stress. Expectation/Interpretation/Prejudice. We seems to live to learn the instructors' TASTE.

I actually intended to write an entry on my Japan trip, as I have only written one after the trip, and I was thinking about it tonight. Ended up writing this... I miss our trip to Japan, it was so great.. I just re-read that previous post, and there's no need to write more, it's so prefect already.... I'm really tired and sleepy, but I need to work, I played hard, now it's time to work hard...... argh..... YES! 

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