Friday, October 31, 2008

Nomad in London

"Art comes out of failure"
Dun erase, just paint. How difficult
- Anyways, if there is a wikipedia page about me, there must be a section about my "nomadic life" My fragmented life. I probably need to work harder to learn to enjoy this, as i must admit, if thought positively, I have gained a lot from this kind of life. But at the same time, i felt like a particle free-floating among other really ordered grids in the world. I crave to find my own permanent home, but at the same time would hate to conform to the unimaginative, characterless order
- I am not looking forward to tonight's dinner, my friends, you shall understand! Hope it turns out well.
- I enjoy picking the right gift for the right person, it's an art, and I am challenged now.
- I am reading two interesting books. really interesting. I love the bookstore in Selfridges, the right books, the right environment
- I wish to take a few months off from everything and just do something that I want to do.
- The white thick carpet and a sudden flow of scent reminds me of my home in Canada.
- I can't believe I gave myself a 24 hours packed schedule for the London trip this time! This kind of holiday for me, is supposed to be about solitude wandering, sitting, reading, and thinking....

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*dun erase, just paint