Monday, November 3, 2008


Just got back from Poppy, my host family's home. They showed me all about their trip in Hong Kong. She has left the city since 1984, and hasn't been back since then, this time she is back with her husband, daughter and her sister. She's got crystal clear memory of everything from back then! I guess that feeling of going back to a place that you grew up/studied must be really special, beyond words could describe. She managed to visit Cape d'Aguilar ;) with Dr. Gray leading them around the place. 

The past few days in London has been so hectic! Schedule fully packed. 
Thursday. arrived in the afternoon, tea with cynthia @ Sketch, Selfridges shopping time. 
Friday. V&A with Juliet, Lovely reunion with Chiara, and then dinner with the twins n' their bfs at Sakura!! 
Saturday. Met Steve - walked along the river to Tate Modern>St. Paul's Cathedral>The Courtauld > Covent Garden>Chinatown>JAPANESE LUNCH>Saatchi Gallery>Dinner (everything in the rain)
Sunday. left really early and arrived really late. Dinner at Poppy's

Met up with old friends and new friends. Revisited familiar spots, and explored new spaces. 
A few purposeful days, which allowed me to leave my stressful work completely aside. Bought some really interesting books. I so wish that I could take sometime off from "formal studies" and do just whatever I like lol. 
I am just SO tired now. sleepiness filled up every part of me

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Anonymous said...

i want to take a break too.. but i'm afraid once i have the break i will have no motivation to do the things i want to do now