Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mysterious Raw Chocolate

Today is Saturday, I had a wonderful morning! 
I travelled to a neighbourhood which require taking a bus. A neighbourhood with one main street, but many nice cafes and second hand bookshops. 

So i went to this place, that serves RAW food lol hahaa, I have been once and loved it, especially the raw chocolate, it's a mystery to me, the cake so smooth, more than 4 pounds a piece, a mystery!!! 
What's raw chocolate - without sugar and the cocoa has not been roasted (hence 'raw').
Edinburgh is like a pre-globalized city, you need to travel all the way to that unique cafe or bookshop, that has no branches. I was sitting in the cafe thinking about NOTHING
I also had a cup of "Total Energy" some warm smoothies! omg, u see, it's all a mystery, and that's what I like about it - Thai coconut water, wheat grass, kamut grass, barley grass, dates, Banana and kola Nut. 
Seeing dogs makes me so happy, there was one outside the fish shop! 
THE CAKE IS A MYSTERY, IT'S A MYSTERY [that's what I wrote in my sketchbook]



The entire blog is highly interesting including the photos of st.bernard and vedios from youtube .god bless you with peace and happiness.

Leanne MIrandilla said...

The cake looks so good! How can a piece be 4 pounds?! Must be very bad for you.

Kola nut - I read about it a lot in books for African lit. What does it look like, how does it taste?