Monday, November 17, 2008

Walk in Marchmont

Sunday evening, I strolled across the meadows, despite the winter sun, the air was chilly. I couldn't escape my bad habit - spent almost 100 pounds on shopping even though that neighbourhood only has approx 2 shops. There's a really pretty boutique, Bohemia, that sell unique designer clothes, some designed and made by students from Edinburgh College of Art.
Four in the afternoon, sky's all dark, I find myself in Starbucks once again, serenaded by Christmas music. Saw two big Saint Barnard dogs outside earlier on, their hands as big as mine, the pretty labrador on the side suddenly look so small. Click here for the pic 

1 comment:

Sheung-yuen said...

What kind of dance is it?

Walking in the meadows is good.

The dogs are HUGE !!!!