Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fairytale Edinburgh

Written during dinner | Edinburgh is a pretty place, it's a fairytale-like city, but I'm lost, when faced with reality. I'm having a romantic one person dinner tonight. 
I sat in front of the computer this evening, after working since 9 am, I felt so bored, unprecedented boredom, I need to do something, or go somewhere, so here I am, away from home. 
I am tired of always wanting to go "somewhere" - to a cafe, for a walk, the reality is there is no where that I feel at home, at ease. 
Sometimes I yearn to be alone, but when I am on my own, I wish there could be someone to share the beautiful surroundings with me. Maybe I should learn to be contempt. 
The view from Elephant House//Me and Debs last year
Maybe I am not feeling bored or tired, maybe I feel lonely. But what is lonely, does "loneliness" actually exist? Words are merely signifiers. 
This place I am at is the birthplace of Harry Potter, J.K Rowling finished a large portion of her novel in this cafe. With a perfect view of the castle. It's night time. Me, candle, sketchbook, postcards, bird purse, book, Mellow Delight, it's a mismatch, it's like a kids tea time in an Austrian/Parisian cafe. paris. paris. an enchanted city. 
At one point, I lost interest in travelling alone, or just generally travelling, but I think this desire has returned.
Edinburgh Edinburgh, I grew to love this place so much this semester. 
My night ended wonderfully, with my favourite friend here - Deborah Kent, joining me for dinner spontaneously. Deborah, a co-writer of my story (she gave me the cheese cracker lines) She always wanted to write for kids too, and she is so special, always colourful. 
Classic FM tonight: "Anne-Marie presents a musical celebration of Edinburgh, featuring three of the city’s resident orchestras, the Choir of St. Mary’s Cathedral in the city, and a host of fabulous music, much of it with a strong local connection." it's reli great :)

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