Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The 15th Crit in my life

Today, is the final crit of the only project of our year! I must report it as you have all helped me to select the project I have been working on this semester. 
Me being the secretary for the class as usual lol// Debs Josephine Kent and Maoshan fooling around in the back of a formal crit as usual

Brief: A Youth Centre for the Leith Community (which is kinda like a more deprived area in Edinburgh), the site consists of a listed building, that used to be a Citadel > North Leith Train Station > Pub etc. It is a real project, but has stopped as the client refused to fund it at some point this year, however, they are coming in to see our exhibition, and might take inspirations from our work lol. Part of the existing building is being refurbish at the moment, and the real architect in charge also came to our crit today! 
Proposition: I guess one big thing I learnt through doing this project is the beauty of simplicity. A great proposition don't necessary require complexity! Sometimes simple projects could be very elegant and powerful. =) 
Groupmates: Also really lucky to have great groupmates, a group consist of the really strong students in class, allow us all to maintain a certain level and strive for better. I also gave all my groupmates wonderful Chinese name! 
Shona Black 黑素娜, Ruth Acheson A烏乎, Laura Barr 巴羅拉, Laura Norton 羅羅拉, Megan Barbour 巴孖筋, Ben Watson 屈神笨, Georgi Radev 嘩阻住, Chloe Leen 年糕兒, Kitty Ho 何小貓, Doug Tullie 突吐利, Adam Neep 獵阿當, Phoebe Yu 余芷菲菲安娜, Miranda Ma 馬達 (real name), Lonling Tam 譚朗寧 (real name), Maoshan (real name)

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