Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I have an extreme love towards the lovely dogs, my lovely friends, i love them, reading about Labrador makes me smile, in front of the computer screen. If I am in love with anything, it has to be big dogs, they make me feel secure, and never make me cry. They always want to be on my side. They dun make excessive noise like babies, and give you a healthy lifestyle. They are the cutest babies in the world. Only positive feelings attached. They are beautiful. 
"Labrador Retrievers respond well to praise and positive attention, and are considerably "food and fun" oriented. These dogs are loyal and good with little children. They may be used in shows. With training, the Labrador is one of the most dependable, obedient and multi-talented breeds in the world."

"As the name suggests, they are excellent retrievers. As an extension of this, they instinctively enjoy holding objects and even hands or arms in their mouths, which they can do with great gentleness (a Labrador can carry an egg in its mouth without breaking it)."

I would give up anything to have my own pet, some day, my own own pet, my own own lover, that waits for me at home everyday, and only think about me all day long!

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Leanne MIrandilla said...

I think the cat is cuter ;)