Thursday, October 30, 2008

Becoming Jane - work.shadowing.

Edinburgh is really arguably one of Europe's prettiest city. The city was often known as the Athens of the North since Enlightenment, when I heard it, I can't help to re-name it as the Athens in the Cloud, or the Athens in the storm... 

Recently I am working in one of the properties of National Trust for Scotland in Charlotte Square, a grand square, that anchors the grid of the New town together with St. Andrew's square on the other end. After a series of induction, I am shadowing other experienced guides in the property. They are all really nice and friendly, very approachable. I have a lot to read and learn though. (there is a big information pack for everything in every room of the property) 
These gallery rooms and houses on Charlotte Square allow people to get a glimpse of people's life behind the grand palace facades. There will be a Christmas party for all the staffs later on. Hey, in the Georgian House, totally reminds people of Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice and all those! Seriously! That's what people used to do in the drawing room, quite oftenly. The Georgian House on charlotte Square indeed reflects very closely the lives of middle-class families during Jane Austen's era. 
When i leave the place today, the sky was dark already, this depressing weather, really does bother me! There are christmas lights up when halloween has still yet to arrive. London is snowing already. All these mismatch of events leave me confused, suddenly missing home and people back home. 

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Anonymous said...

i'm into house the tv show recently, when i saw 'georgian house' i read 'gregory house' which is the name of hugh laurie's character...
i found a special reason of why i like house *gasp*
actually i should look for jobs like this too