Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Has been feeling really tired these few days, but have no idea why, also feeling stressed with no idea where it's sourced...
Just went for a walk to the faraway neighbourhood to visit the black white cow, it feels natural, cats are natural animals, they are individualistic, always alert, and pays most attention on themselves. Watching the cow seems like the most natural and relaxing to do. I brought Whiskers biscuits for him.

It was cloudy and wet everywhere, I sat on some wet stone, cow sat next to me, I felt tired, the sky was grey, it felt like the most natural composition..

However, I still feel tired, after the walk, I identified that it's not just a mental feeling, but also a physical one - stormy and heavy head, suffocating, as if there's a big bag of air in my throat which I am unable to breathe out, very very dried and heavy eyes...
Hasn't been (able to) working all afternoon, worrying. I have no idea why I feel so, is it a mental thing or a physical thing, I can't tell.

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