Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Whisper of the Heart

Question - Should I keep it black and white, or add colour to the background (e.g. just one simple colour - greyish blue, dry pastel) urgent, advices needed!This evening, I feel very very tired, and felt my eyes being very heavy, literally, physically heavy and tired. (vulnerable) Can't think of how to continue my drawing...
So I shall just sleep early.. sigh, I feel bad for that and other things.

Just watched a bit of Whisper of the Heart (耳をすませば), aw, it's such a nice film, and also - suddenly - brings back memory from .... 2? years ago... reminded me of many places... It felt so different now and then, just in general.. how things are and stuff.
I always love Shiji's (the boy from the film) home very much! It has such an amazing view! Unlike the bathhouse in Spirited Away, I always believe that Shiji's neighborhood do exist! And once again makes me wanna go to Japan again (when do I not want to?)

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