Sunday, September 28, 2008


I know of a lot of my architecture-mates who have abundant storage of wine and beer in their rooms, but I didn't know that I would become one of them! Not strictly true, but I'm here in my room drinking my wonderful drink, and often being called as a "Alcohol-ghost" (in Chinese) by my flatmate. 
Oh just had another sip, this taste absolutely heavenly! This is no ordinary wine that I am drinking, it's a Christmas wine! To be exactly accurate, I think I only drink kids-wine, whether there is such a thing as kids-wine is debatable... but all these alcoholic drink I consume, are so colourful and creative. 
Second-hand bookshops and Charity shop are places filled with hidden gems, ancient auction house catalogues, £1 CDs... I ventured out into the Saturday morning sun, wanting to get ONE book, but ended up getting, 4 books, 2 tops, 1 CD, 1 poster, 1 bag.... why? can anyone tell me why?? 
Emelie is coming over to visit me now. Jack Johnson, wine, warmth, nice lighting, nice flat... oh perfect saturday evening, no? 

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Leanne MIrandilla said...

Oooh drinking wine now are we? I love wine, it's so yummy. Remember when we drank mulled wine at Julie's??