Sunday, September 14, 2008


| Life mapping |  The above is an infographical depiction of all intimate relationship in 23 years Gregory M. Dizzia was engaged in. relationships are analyzed by how they met (e.g. school, phone, party), impressive attributes (e.g. figure, eyes, karma), what they did (e.g. kissed), facts (e.g. engagement, possible baby, long distance), emotional involvement & how they broke up. Some of the icons are very hilarious, makes it even more interesting.
| Tokyo Metro Axo | I guess the Tokyo metro must be one of the world most complex rail system. These images were found in ffffound (a rare|weird image showcase). the above is an axonometric diagram of Otemachi Station. Drawing an axonometric diagram for it must be a nightmare. 
| Architecture on a Periodic Table

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