Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sift | Creative Surprises

Really wanna have Sift! Didn't have it both Easter and Summer! Pavlova! and never been there at night. Sift is expensive, but professional! With really minimalist interior design, and really pretty view of the steep Graham Street 
Sift Chocolate Cake
chocolate ganache, jivara cremeux, praline crunch, chocolate fudge cake $72

Chocolate and strawberry pavlova
Chocolate and strawberry pavlova, chardonnay gelée $90

Maple and mascarpone cheesecake
Maple and mascarpone cheesecake, maple cream reduction, walnut shortbread $80

Raspberry, lychee rose macaroon sandwich, vanilla panna cotta, lychee ice cream $90

Chocolate Fantasie
Chocolate napoleon, chocolate crème brulée, warm chocolate tart, chocolate sorbet $90

Cherry napoleon
Summer cherries, almond pastry cream, napoleon layers $80

Sticky toffee pudding
Sticky toffee pudding, toffee sauce, banana ice cream, caramel crunch $75

Dark chocolate mousse, passion fruit cream, chocolate genoise $75

Molten choc cake
Molten chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream, chocolate almond crunch $85

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