Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Japan* dreams come true!

I wanted to go to Japan for quite awhile, but when we decided to do so finally, I spent quite some time trying to remember why I wanted to do so! Before going, I was a bit worried because of that, haha, but the trip turns out to be really really fun and happy! Full of little surprises. And seven days wasn't too long at all. *heart*
I really like going to Japan, while I was there, I felt that "any dreams can come true" for a few times!(@.@) for really random reasons! Like being in Totoro Museum? Things falling down from the UFO machine? and other little impressive things! I loved the elegant name of Hibiya, and your cute name - Yurakucho.
In the past few days -
We learnt about different type of eggs, tactics of getting things from a UFO machine, watched more US news than ever. .I was impressed by the stars in Peter - and thought they represent a person's true love(s)!

Sushi in Shibuya was made more unforgettable with the long queues!! the cats and the cemetery matched perfectly lol, the hotel room iciness made up the hot sun! The Karuizawa Totoro shop and Wachifield shop made me very excited. We saw a really cute short movie in the Ghibli Museum.. The hotel room was so comfortable... I enjoyed all the time we chat together, it was about things so random that I couldn't remember what they were.

If I get to go to Japan again, I wish I could go to the 22*C town for the Totoro Shop, and actually buy something there! also get a better stamp from the station! Spend more time in the hotel (?) (esp to figure out the printer! and more bubble baths! etc!) But most important of all, I have to go back to the Ferris Wheel place and push ALL the boxes down from the UFO machine! (evil laugh) =)

Even though the trip was not all just perfect and happy, but at least, when thinking back, I feel like I enjoyed every moment, and once again realized how great it is to be with you.

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