Thursday, September 25, 2008

Experiencing Autumn

Can't believe that I was still in HK last week today, it feels so distant already. And it's interesting how I thought so little about that this time when I am back in Edinburgh. Barely even thought about HK! Gosh, that's wrong... But perhaps it's cuz I have been preoccupied with different things since I am back. Meeting people, moving, helping ppl move, meeting my host family, meeting new people and starting project. New courses, new groupmates, new flats and everything. But one thing that ensured our mental health quality is obviously our flat! Both Phoebe, my flatmate and I enjoyed it a lot, and of course, feels very surreal.  
Had a lecture on Design Theory today, it's really interesting. Why do art/architectural historian speak so much more gently and wonderfully, impressive, but not overly pretentious (like some architecture professors lol). Storytelling. Today's lecture was on Origins. Oh, so interesting. 
Trees are still green, sky is bright and warm, but I am sure autumn is on its way. 
I love it when someone I love tells me that he loves me, simple but sounds so sweet... oh.... 

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