Sunday, September 7, 2008


Jaci, my four year old cousin, always asks "why...." recently, so much that it's so difficult to explain, and always continue to ask when the answer doesn't satisfies her.
Her parents spent a long time explaining to her about
"seat belt" - she asked a lot about why some seat belt braces only around your tummy, but some across the shoulder; why they only exists on some minibus but not all, why not on buses, and why the ones on minibuses are different from the ones from taxis. In order to explain, my uncle had to do an experiment at home to explain the use of a seat belt - Jaci showed me today - she tied a doll onto a chair and pushed into the wall - and then did the same without tying the doll, to explain that the doll won't fall out with the seat belt @@

| In Wanchai Starbucks with WWS today, such a wonderful starbucks!!! |
She also asks a lot about why bridges won't collapse, how lifts are constructed, how ferries stops at the pier.... She needed to go to the Star Ferry Pier at TST to observe how they throw the rope over to tie the boat to the pier lol She felt really satisfied after that.
Two nights earlier - she had a nightmare and cried for an hour, because, she was really sad in her dream - her Philippine helper's mum just passed away (which is true), and Jaci wants to find her a new mother.

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